Stanley, Tasmania Come stay with us
Sawyer Bay. Stanley, Tasmania

Sawyer Bay. Stanley, Tasmania

The Nut. Stanley, Tasmania

The Nut. Stanley, Tasmania

Wharf Road, showing location of The Ark. Stanley, Tasmania

Wharf Road. Stanley, Tasmania

Sunset from The Ark. Stanley, Tasmania

Sunset from The Ark Stanley, Tasmania

Stanley Panorama

Stanley Panorama, Tasmania

The Guest House

The Ark Stanley is situated at 18 Wharf Road, Stanley in the north-west of Tasmania, a restored period residence positioned directly opposite Tatlows Beach. The property is also located at the base of The Nut, the plug of an extinct volcano standing approximately 150 metres high.

The residence was acquired by Christer and Rhonda in 2008 and has been extensively restored, renovated and enhanced. With a tasteful eclectic décor and a renovation paying homage to yesteryear while planning for the future, an outstanding home has been created which your hosts proudly offer for guest accommodation.

The Ark Stanley, for the discerning traveller.

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